Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beginnings and Boston...

A Lovely Row of Brownstones

From a very early age, I have been enamored by the city of Boston. At seven years, I’d never stepped foot on the east coast, not seen even a picture of the fair city. But not a moment passed when I didn’t think it a wonderful place. 

Years later, as I sat in a blue checkered airplane seat, table tray clip positioned just so, eyes fixed out the window to the sights below… as my beloved Boston came in to view.

I could see myself strolling along its peaceful streets, nibbling from a nearby bagel cart and finding the perfect shady spot beneath a sprawling tree to settle in with a good book. 
Pretty high expectations for the unsuspecting city…
But Boston did not disappoint…

Scrumptious sandwich shops and streetside vendors, glistening water’s edge and open air markets, ambling clock towers and paths of brick

And just West of Newbury Street, the loveliest row of brownstones a girl could ask for… I’d found my little place in the world – where days were sunny and the cool of evening crept slowly by.
And so a bit of my heart has always stayed in Boston, tucked on an iron park bench –book in one hand and a positively delightful hazelnut hot cocoa steaming in the other.

Nowadays, though, I find myself thinking of Boston and it’s Brownstones quite a great ways West of Newbury Street – but curled up with my latest novel and the wafting scent of cocoa heating on the stove, I’m a little closer to that enchanting city and its inviting houses, standing all in a row.

photo credit: lumierefl via photo pin cc 
photo credit: wine me up via photo pin cc

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