Monday, September 17, 2012

In Between the Raindrops...

Today's slow drizzle and rainy mist has soaked all the way through to my toes... my evening will be spent with a good book, a steaming cup of cider, and a thick blanket.

There are moments when days like these seem to overwhelm the soul - when a glimpse of sunshine, would it decide to appear, would cause me to throw back the curtains and declare the day fit for a hefty to do list.

Today, though, in the fading afternoon light, growing dimmer as the clouds roll in, I am thankful for the quiet raindrops that slow my thoughts to contemplation and cloud my eyes with the sepia-soaked colors of nostalgia and contentment… thankful for the slow pace that dreary days create and the cozy thoughts of my stovetop, cider almost simmering… thankful for the fuzzy shadows, cast lazily against the wall by a years-old lamp as I want for nothing more than the blessings I find in these muted moments as the raindrops fall.

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