Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pretty Panes and Window Frames...

Remember my yummy pot roast? Well, I went to extreme measures while it cooked to keep myself away from babysitting it in the oven and finished a project I'd started... oh... 4 months ago or so. I do that, I'm a project starter, not so great at the finishing part.

I bought these lovely (my husband might use another word) stained glass windows at a local home decor shop, but my white and ocean blue palate didn't off-set the original white painted frames very well. So I set to change 'em up.

What began as a staining adventure turned into a painting one as no matter how I sanded, applied and re-applied, the stain just wouldn't stick.

And so, on my rainy Sunday outing in search of carrots and potatoes, I sloshed to the hardware store to find an extra glossy paint that would do the trick..

I splurged on that extra sticky, super powered Frog tape and was pretty pleased with the results... (because who really wants to scrape paint off of old windows with a straight edge?)

My make shift drying racks (aka my kitchen step stool, a half empty file box, and an old crate) because I'm too impatient to wait for one side to dry before I start the other.

Unfortunately that "extra glossy paint" took for-e-ver to dry and my kitchen (because who really wants to paint in the garage!) was a make-shift drying location for a few more days than I desired... lets just say I resorted to plugging in a night light to keep our toes from going bump in the night.

I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out... even if the hubby with the tape measure and level (who so graciously offered to hang them for me - but I think secretly knows its better that way or he'll look at crooked windows for many days to come) pointed out the not so straight lines and warped frames...
I told him they added character... and they do! 

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