Thursday, September 20, 2012


An absolutely wonderful teacher (Mrs. Bonnie Thomas) gave me this beautiful story while I was studying at Ravencrest Chalet. These words have been an encouragement when I feel I am stumbling through a seemingly solo concerto and need to be reminded that my journey is instead a symphony - a piece fit for an orchestra - scored for a collection of instruments, not simply my own.

When I was staying in a hotel in Norway, a little girl was among the families staying as guests. She was obviously only a beginner in playing the piano, but she insisted on practicing in the drawing room whenever she chose. She played with one finger and one note, usually discordant. Everyone bolted for open air whenever they saw her coming… it happened one night that one of the finest musicians in Norway was also a guest. Instead of vanishing with the others, he took a stool and sat beside the child. For every note she struck, he struck the most beautiful and exquisite chord of music, introducing a most lovely accompaniment. As the notes floated outside, the people streamed back to enjoy the music. When the child made a more terrible mistake than usual, he improvised a still finer outburst of music. After 20 minutes, he led her around the company, introducing her as “the young lady to whom you are indebted for the music this afternoon.” The child knew well enough that she had not done it, but everyone paid their compliments.

The truth this story illustrates has deeply touched my heart over the years. I have been as that child at the piano of God’s truth. I have tried my level best to make music with my one finger.  Again and again and again I have come away feeling that I am a terrible failure and playing nothing but discord. But, oh, I have also found the Holy Spirit sitting by my side. For every note of discord I have made, He had struck a nobler note. Whatever you try to do for the Lord, small or great, believe that blessed Holy Spirit is by your side, turning your discords into Hallelujah choruses. 
Dr. Fred B. Walter

 photo credit: jordanmerrick via photo pin cc

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