Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Store Up Your Treasures...

We have some absolutely lovely friends in Quito, Ecuador who I miss dearly. I spent a lot of time with these dear people during my extended stay studying Spanish and serving at Pan de Vida. (Read more about the amazing ministry of Pan de Vida here.)

Lori wrote a blog post not too long ago that made me stop and think about all of our STUFF... you can read it HERE... its been an encouragement to me as I continue to sort through all of the things I've collected, and her words have reminded me of why I desire to live more simply... Getting Less to Give More.

This week alone I have pitched stuff from the bathroom (an entire kitchen garbage bag full!)

cleaned out my makeup bag (which seems to accumulate things I never use)

cleared out the sock drawer (which was harder than you might think, if my toes could talk they would say "we love silly socks!!!")

and sorted through books and photo albums (my most difficult task).

It has been truly eye opening and sometimes convicting to sort through the "whys" of my hesitation to give away these things that have no heavenly value. But I desire for my treasures to reflect my heart, and my heart longs to live a life of praise, to put the people in my life before the things in my life, and to give of my possessions, talents, and time to bless and encourage those very same people, whether they be my neighbors next door or the children of Pan de Vida many miles away.

THOSE are the treasures I always have room to store.

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