Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Book Review: A Rush of Wings by Kristen Heitzmann

There are some books that you just don’t want to end… can’t put down long enough to swap the cookie trays in the oven… this is one of those books.

For the most part, I read Christian Fiction, with an occasional secular author thrown in when I know their writing reputation. Why? Because I don’t want to have to “fast-forward” pages that leave too little to the imagination. I will admit, however, that sometimes those sweet stories of a modest proper girl fending off the advancements of two eligible suitors while she struggles with some less than earth shattering moral issue gets old… really old.

Noelle St. Claire (heroine of Ms. Heitzmann’s wonderful book) shakes it up a bit. Her stubborn streak is a mile wide and the quiet Rick Spencer knows it… there’s no trivial floundering of faith here, the story line cuts right to the heart without being so heavy you leave the Colorado Rockies feeling burdened.

I had conflicting emotions as I read – wanting to find the resolution and wishing the pages of Rick and Noelle and Morgan and Aldebaran weren’t dwindling.

I found a kindred heart with Noelle – her strong will and hurting heart. Her story is full of struggles and triumphs, darkness and hope.

Kristen Heitzmann has written characters of substance. Noelle’s search for truth, both physically and spiritually unravels a journey that reaches to far places of the heart. And Rick’s strong and gentle spirit silently parallels the character of Christ along the way.

I loved it…

Read it… it comes highly recommended!

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