Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Household Cleaning...Naturally

I read a lot of blogs that tackle household cleaning, cooking, and the like… the common thread seems to be finding cost effective and natural ways to accomplish most of these things. From laundry detergent to window washing, there seems to be a homemade remedy/recipe for everything.
Well… I don’t have quite enough patience to soak oranges and my nose doesn’t like the smell of straight up vinegar any more than my husband’s… I don’t have storage space for “recipes” that call for items too large to consume in the first batch. And honestly… cleaning is enough of a pain without having to mix my own concoctions… maybe that’s the “easy” way out, but I work all week, people!

So what’s a girl to do?

First off, let me say that my current cleaning solutions are credited to my mother-in-law… one fabulous Christmas gift from her and I’ve cleaned my entire house for (almost) a year without purchasing bottles and buckets of expensive cleaners that still leave my floors sticky and my windows streaky.

My solution? NORWEX (and no, I’m not getting paid for this)

These handy cloths are anti-bac (read more about that on their website) and work magic on floors, counters, windows, mirrors, and those stubborn spots of spilled over soup in the microwave too!
I clean my entire apartment with a bucket of water and my Norwex rags.  There’s a microfiber cleaning cloth – just wet and wipe – and for shiny surfaces or things that streak, follow with the window cloth for a squeaky-clean finish. 

So what’s left in my cleaning bucket?

Soft Scrub – for those stubborn sink stains (I know it needs to go, but I can’t bring myself to just throw it out)

GreenWorks All-purpose Cleaner – used for the occasional spill when the Norwex is out of reach (the contents are dwindling and I don’t think it will be replaced)

Seventh Generation toilet bowl cleaner – which smells like fir trees and pine needles

Alongside some Norwex kitchen cloths (buh-bye scary chicken juice) and the odd paper towel that’s all I use. I love not having to switch products or rinse out my bucket so as to not combine cleaners. I love how silky the hardwood floor feels after a good swipe with that blue cloth and how the picture frames sparkle after one with the purple.

When they’re looking dingy, in to a pot of boiling water they go… I promise they’ll come out good as new!

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