Monday, October 22, 2012

Introducing Scripture Memory Monday

Last week I talked about my scripture notecards I’ve been carrying around with me lately. If you missed it, you can read that HERE.

I’m realizing more and more the importance of memorizing scripture, and my complete lack of discipline in this area. His word is so very important, so alive, and so powerful. I am purposing to “store it up.”

Join me for “Scripture Memory Monday.”

Each Monday (okay, okay, sometimes it’ll be Monday-ish, a girl’s gotta have a little grace built in) I’ll put up a new scripture that I want to memorize.

Want to do it together with me? I’d love it if you would!

Just a note of encouragement… I didn’t set out to MEMORIZE the verse I was working on last week, I just wanted to focus on digging in to the words and keeping them fresh and active throughout my day, and by Wednesday I could remember every word. It doesn’t take loads of time and effort to recall the words when you allow them to first take root in your heart.
Don’t just memorize to memorize, allow that hope to permeate through, to sink in deep, and to be stored up.
Here’s this week’s verse… we’re starting small… 

 My thoughts…

 I’m not a big worry-er… I don’t wring my hands and replay the same thing over and over… because of this I can sometimes look at those “do not be anxious in anything” verses and think they don’t apply to how I feel. But that’s not true… “anxious” for you is not the same as “anxious” for me.

And “anxious” for me reads FEARFUL. Fearful of looming darkness… fearful that I won’t fit in, won’t qualify, won’t measure up, fearful of losing control…

But His perfect [complete, total, lacking nothing] love [agape, the love that IS God] [throws away, casts out, removes] [alarm, fright, fear, terror]

Am I abiding in THAT love?

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