Thursday, October 18, 2012

Memory Lane...

Aren’t they marvelous??!
I think I was born in the wrong era… my grandparents were so glamorous.
Of course, they didn’t think so, but oh, weren’t they?
Among the boxes of memories and stories there are a few photos that look like they must have traveled across oceans and faraway lands… with words like “all my love” and “to a swell gal” their young love makes me smile. 

My grandmother, not finding herself particularly glamorous thinks it funny that I am so enamored by these photos. But I think they tell a story that words sometimes cannot. 

I’ve never seen a real -life version of my grandparents quite like this still-life image of the two of them, but it makes my heart swoon – so romantic, so lovely… they’re in their own little world on New Year’s Eve. 

Their life certainly wasn’t walked down easy street. Illness and trials and challenges abounded. My grandmother took care of my grandpa for more years than I can imagine, until his last day earlier this year. Her strength is something I so admire and her spunk is something to be rivaled. Sitting in grandma’s kitchen has always been a blessing – whether it be the pages and pages of coloring in grade school or the practical advice given from a wise soul to a young wife. 

And, while Elvis is certainly not in my family tree, I think this young man takes the cake as look-alike… and grandma tells me that grandpa did indeed play cards with the King of Rock and Roll himself. (This one is right out of a vintage editorial… love it!)

One day, one distant day from now, I hope my wedding photos and snapshots of those special moments shared between the hubby and myself will show the love we shared and the happiness we had, even in the midst of bumpy roads and uneven paths.

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