Thursday, October 25, 2012

Road Trip (Good Reads and the Radio)

I'm hitting the road this weekend, headed to a wedding... 16 long hours in the car with my paperbacks and my itunes... what more could a girl as for?

That said, I'll be off the grid for the next few days... rolling hills and hay filled barns, roaming cattle and winding gravel roads don't leave much room for cell towers and internet modems... sometimes, though, a weekend away from all the "noise" is good for the soul.

And a weekend with your grandmother is even better!

How's the scripture memory going? I'll be honest... the length of the verse kept me from having to work very hard at memorizing and I kind of pushed the whole mediation part on the back burner. I'm not proposing these verses for memorization, but for the truth they bring with them. And I need to be reminded of perfect love without fear - however compact the words may be, unraveling the truth in them takes much more time.

photo credit: myoldpostcards via photopin cc

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