Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scripture Memory Monday: 1 Peter 1:3-7

I said Monday-ish, remember... it was a long day of driving yesterday. So this week's verse is a bit late....

We’ve been wading in to 1 Peter as a church in the last few weeks and I have been blessed and encouraged by the words of practical advice given for “everyday struggles” to the “pain of searing loss.”

This verse brings to mind many things to think on this week.

A Living Hope… am I actively, daily, consistently living in the hope that HE has given through His ultimate sacrifice for salvation?

An inheritance that is Imperishable, Undefiled, and Unfading… those are POWERFUL words, soak them in for a minute and continue to do so as the words are repeated over and over throughout the week

Rejoice… rejoice in sufferings? In trials? In challenges and pain? It is in the very moments of that suffering that I have the choice to succumb to the bad attitude, the complaining heart, the discontent, the negativity or the REJOICING. How do I rejoice in the trials? How do I reflect the attitude of Christ in the midst of pain? And, when those moments come… do I rejoice? Or not? OUCH!

Genuineness... the genuineness of my faith – is it proved in my reaction to my circumstances? Is it walked out day by day, in the little moments and small decisions I make in the dark as well as the big things that everyone sees in the light? What is genuine faith? And do the contents of my heart that pour out in to my life prove it genuine?
               As an aside, this genuine word caught my attention as I read… at first glance I thought…oh, the genuineness of my faith, that has everything to do with my faith, my Jesus, my relationship with the Lord and not as much to do with how genuine I am with the people around me, with my character. Where is the verse for that? And yet, they really are one in the same, aren’t they? As my faith is proved genuine, that overflows into my character, my conversations, my interactions with those I come in contact with. Being true to who I am runs side by side with remembering who I belong to… I am HIS child. My genuineness overflows from that knowledge and pours out in to my actions.

This is a jam-packed verse… lots to think on as I commit this one to memory.
How about you? What stirs in your heart as you read these words?

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