Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Rock that is Higher than I

I wrote this a few years ago now, at a time in my life when I felt as though everything was much more than I could handle. It flows nicely with my thoughts of the memory verse for this week. HE is my refuge, when I am overwhelmed, growing weary, slipping, falling, feeling weak, His strength is greater than mine... He sets me on solid ground, leads me to the Rock that is higher.
My voice cries out to you
Lost, torn, panicked circles
Yet you calm the storm that’s sent me
Lasso the wind
Gentle the rain
Call to me from the high heavens
Dear Child – Look to me again
Drop your heavy load, come to me
Torrents of rain cannot weaken
His love for me
Gusts of wind cannot
Make Him falter
He steadies the ground
Plants me firmly on it
Once again I fail
Faster into this pit
Dark and murky, rock bottom
I cry out
No answer, the fear too loud
Head pounding, He quiets my soul
I cry out again - uncertain
This time a whisper
Be still my child
Still, but only for a moment
My independence lashes out
I want to run, move, anything
Me, I climb higher, higher still
On my own, rock bottom
Mind reeling
Be still my child comes the
Gentle whisper
I can do this
Let me work
Rock bottom, hitting knees in deep Surrender
White flag flies high
He reaches down
Aware of my insecurities
He assures me
Your foot will not slip
I clasp tightly
Be still, my Child
I can do this
Pulled from the muck
Brought to the light
Ashamed of failure
Afraid to fall
Just trust me He says
I have no reason to doubt
So why still?
Take my hand
Hesitantly and yet I do
And we dance
My feet on his, swaying
Precious daughter, fragile one
Fears dissolve, Worry flees
His arms surround me, protection
The storm winds blow, violent now
I cower but He is my strength
Directing my path, teaching the steps
The deep calls out
I miss a step
Slip, Falling
His arms are there
Thoughts lost in darkness
Holding tight, He brings me back
Back to Light 

photo credit: ecstaticist via photopin cc

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