Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Firstborn by Robin Lee Hatcher: A Book Review

Firstborn (Paperback) ~ Robin Lee Hatcher (Author) Cover Art 
From the back cover:
“Erika Welby had a secret she thought no one would ever discover. But someone knew.
Dear Mrs. Welby, I know you were only seventeen when I was born. I’ve got many questions. I wonder if you have questions to ask me, too.
Erika's worst fear is realized when her well-kept secret shows up on her doorstep. As she reaches out to the daughter she gave up for adoption nearly twenty-two years ago, her husband pulls away, leaving Erika with an impossible choice.”
I wasn’t quite sure about this book when I chose it off the library shelf, but was quite surprised with a story of redemption, compassion, and forgiveness. With the background revealed in “flashback” style writing you are quickly introduced to Erika and her husband Steve and then, of course, Erika’s daughter Kristen. The majority of the book is spent riding out the waves of pain and betrayal which eventually calm to ones of healing and grace.

Steven Welby doesn’t react well to the long ago secret his wife kept (and quite frankly, understandably so!) While resolution doesn’t find its way until the last few pages, I was encouraged by such a wonderful story of forgiveness. Some may say this is typical of Christian Fiction, however, the raw emotions and reactions written throughout the book remind me of my own – yes, even the not so great ones. And I found myself learning as I read. Realizing that my responses have a greater affect than I sometimes wish to admit and recognizing that in my own marriage, forgiveness will be needed as well.

How easily it is to, as an outsider, see the path to simple resolution. And yet, the process while in the midst of the pain isn’t so plain to see. A story of fleshly actions met with God’s gracious hand. A quick read marked by encouraging words.

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