Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I wrote a post a while back about not being from around here… not looking like the world. I realized today as I went about my busy life that this work environment I spend so much of my time in aka: the office keeps me on defense all day long.

Regardless of if it is ACTUALLY true or not, I FEEL the need to prove who I am and what I do and that I’m qualified and good at it.

I’m not overly business-like, I’d rather sit cross legged in my jeans and tennies than be “dancing backward in high heels” any day of the week. I don’t talk like a legal office document. I prefer to get up to speak to someone across the room rather than use the intercom.

You see, I’m not an office cat by nature – instead, it’s by necessity. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job. But because I FEEL like I don’t belong, I end up on the defense. Which in my case means I end up sitting in a mess of sarcasm and uncompassionate – well… words really.

It’s not just at the office either. That is my natural, sinful, human reaction. Sarcasm. Uncompassionate. Defensive.

But the Lord says that I’m NOT from around here… I’m NOT going to feel like I fit in all the time. I am a child of the King, meant for emerald streets and beautiful mansions. But I’m living in rags surrounded by this filthy world instead.

The problem arises when I start ACTING like the filthy rags. I am NOT filthy! I am washed clean by the blood of the Lamb. I may feel messy and broken, but He has made me whole.

When are we going to stop walking around acting like filth when He has made us shiny and new?!?!

When am I going to stop reacting to the world as expected and remember instead that I’m not from around here… I’m not supposed to look like them or act like that.

Feelings aside, my reactions should be those of genuine love and kindness. If I look to Jesus as He spoke to unbelievers, blasphemers, and even to those who mocked His face, His words are filled (even still) with compassion and grace. 

Jesus in not pronounced in my sarcasm. Jesus is not made visible in my lack of compassion. It is my desire to look more and more like Jesus – the rest is in His hands. HE protects my reputation. HE is my defense.

Let your Gentleness be evident to all… Philippians 4:5

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