Saturday, January 19, 2013

He has made Room...

I was plugging along in my Bible reading this week when a part of Genesis 26 made me stop and look to Jesus. I think it is sometimes easy to read the Old Testament thinking this doesn’t apply to me, I’m not wandering in a desert or digging wells or traveling miles and miles to find a place for my family but aren’t we though? Aren’t we all in our own way lost in someone’s wilderness, thirsting for the Lord, finding ourselves struggling to stick together?

So when I read these words in verse 22,

… For now the LORD has made room for us…

I was so encouraged.

These words follow a story of Isaac, digging wells to settle in the land (and yes, I realize the photo above does not look like these wells) each time he dug a well, the people of the land would quarrel with him saying the water belonged to them. Time and time again he toiled for water and was forced to move on. His persistence paid off, though, and the Lord provided him with water which no one laid claim to… the Lord made room for them

I’m not a bible scholar so I won’t pretend to understand the complete context and whatnot – so don’t go deciding that I’ve taken things OUT of context… I just want to share with you the encouragement I found here.

The Lord made room for them. Just as he does for me.

In this world of hurting people and broken families, violent actions and selfish ambitions, HE HAS MADE ROOM FOR ME. In this world where I am a sojourner, while this is just my temporary home, and my REAL room is in a place far more beautiful than I can even imagine, He has made a place for me.

HE has ensured my little piece of the world, though filled with trials and confusion, and surrounded it with angel armies. HE has granted me blessing upon blessing that I don’t deserve. HE has given more than I could ever ask. HE has made room for me. And then made sure that that room has everything I need. So while I am ultimately waiting on Heaven, my time in this world (but not of it) is chiseled out by God alone.

When I feel that there is no shelter, there is no peace, there is no place for me… I look to Him, knowing He has indeed made room for me. I am His chosen child, precious and loved. He hasn’t forgotten about me, He knows exactly what I need… He has made room for me. 

And today, in that, I am content. 

photo credit: Miss Millificent via photopin cc

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