Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Book List [Of Sorts]

So in case you all haven't caught on already, I'm a bit of a book nerd worm...

Here are my most recent thoughts on the matter... in list fashion, of course.

1. "Sleep is good {he said} but books are better..." Unfortunately for the dark circles continuously forming under my eyes, this is a quote I hold close to heart... 1:30am and the glow from my Nook is starting to hurt my eyes... 2:00 and I finally manage to find my pjs... but, of course, I can't sleep because I' still lost in the story swirling around in my head

2. The aforementioned NOOK really concerns me. I LOVE paper books (and am rather horrified that one day children will point to an electronic device as they ask for a bedtime story) but I can download right from the library and not even step out of my slippers... now THAT is too much temptation. I will never give up my black inked pages, but being able to read in the dark is a serious perk!

3. Speaking of downloading from the library (which, by the way, is far less detrimental to my pocketbook than, say, the BUILT IN store on my Nook) I decided on a whim to read Twilight last night. Yes, I said it... Twilight. CONFESSION. I don't have an insightful analogy or lesson learned here (if you're looking for that, head on over to my sister in law's wonderful blog where she talks about her confession: The Bachelor... its a beautiful read (from a beautiful heart) that hits right at the core of women... )

Before you all stare wide eyed at my odd impulse to pick up such a book, allow me to explain... its not often that a book comes along (you could and in Harry Potter and The Hunger Games here too - neither of which I've read) and changed the reading culture of our society. It is not often that one author so exquisitely transforms words into a story so enchanting that an entire generation turns from their televisions to stare, instead, imaginatively at the pages of a book. So yes, that is my defense... and while I don't like the paranormal, vampire-y, hunting to the death, sorcery stuff... I was surprised to find, as the story unfolded, that I thought less and less about the oddities of he [a vampire] and she [a human] and much more of the human condition.

4. The list of To-Reads is seriously trumping my list of To-Dos and we may never move out of this tiny apartment in to one where things like window seats and towers of bookshelves are possible if I don't find the self discipline to tear my eyes from the pages and finish packing!

5. I'm sorry to say that number five will simply have to wait as my current book (which the strange impulse to read Twilight interrupted) has left me hanging and I simply must find out what happens next...

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Happy reading!

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