Saturday, March 30, 2013

Words for Easter

The King of Kings
Stepped down from his throne and
Nailed to a gnarled tree
In astounding obedience
And in perfect love
Traveled the road to the cross

The road to the cross
Did not begin at Gethsemane
The road: narrow and solely traveled
Began in Bethlehem

Bethlehem, where Christ Jesus
Made himself nothing, a servant
Humbled to the form of a man
Knowingly walked toward death, even death on a cross

Knowingly walked while
Calling the disciples to Him
Knowingly walked while
Teaching from a mountainside
Knowingly walked while
Healing the sick and bringing new life
Knowingly walked while
The people sang Hosanna – Blessed is He
Knowingly walked while
The plot to take His life was formed
Knowingly walked while
One of His own betrayed Him with a kiss
All to fulfill the scriptures
All to reconcile a wayward child

A wayward child who
In acts of disbelief and disrespect
In bouts of fear and mistrust
In defiance and independence
Ran from the Father
Denied the truth
Acted on selfish impulses
Ignored teaching
And valued their own strength above all
A wayward child who
Was called beloved
Separated by sin and
In need of forgiveness
This forgiveness found only one way

If there is any other way, “Take this cup from me”
A sorrowful prayer spoken in the final hours
No, Son is the Father’s reply
The grandest sacrifice of His Only Son
That we may have life

Through the shedding of blood
A scornful death
Nails driven through hands and feet
A crown of thorns mockingly given to the Lord of all
Struck and spit upon, heaped with insults
The time had come and
He gave up His spirit

He gave
It was not taken
But instead, given
Given in a powerful act of
Redeeming Love that washed us clean
White as snow
And tore the veil
That we may have communion with Him

Communion with a living Lord
Because the cross did not defeat
Death was conquered
Three days later
In an entrance of thundering earthquakes
And appearance like lightening
He had risen

He has risen,
He has risen indeed.


photo credit: arbyreed via photopin cc

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