Monday, April 8, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

My current favorites, finds, and other fun...

1. {This} bohemian headband. I'm jumping right past spring and in to summer with this one... perfect for July heatwaves and poolside reading...

2. Still stuck on {Julia Robert's look} from Eat, Pray, Love... because who doesn't want to be comfortably chic?

3. While we're on the style train, if you haven't checked out Priscilla at My Simple Cute Style, you should! I'd start with {this post}! Her style in wonderful!

4. If you're a victim of over-plucked or super-fine brows like me, check out {these tips} to get Big, Bold Brows... they're back in, ya know!

5. I was so inspired by {Rachel at Small Notebook} that I ran right out and bought myself my very own set of these. No really, I did! [Come on, who can pass up the Goodwill sale at Boston Store?]

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