Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Little Southern Style: Lemon Inspired


Hart of Dixie has turned in to my newest “you made it through the workday” reward. (I haven’t kicked the oreo as a reward habit yet, but I did say “newest.”)

I’m not certain this show is even on “real” television anymore… Netflix is my TV since the hubby and I are cable-less at our house. BUT, current episodes or not, I am in LOVE… and not exactly with the story line… Yet I still bound up a few flights of stairs each night and rush through my evening Pilates routine (you can’t really rush Pilates) for the simple joy of spending some time in Bluebell, Alabama.

So what’s the point, you ask???

Ah, the wardrobes, my dear, the marvelously Georgia Peach, ravishingly Southern Belle, brilliantly retro, beautifully feminine closets! Style wise, I was born in the wrong era. I make do with the current trends (and Zoe Hart’s I’ve Been Exiled from New York to Alabama style is classically edgy) but BE STILL MY HEART, why can’t we all just dress like this????


The always lovely… Lemon Breeland. I mean, with a name like Lemon, you’d better dress the part, huh? 


Darling. Adorable. LOVE.

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