Thursday, May 23, 2013


I had the very great pleasure of attending Deeanne Gist’s live webcast last night. She opened her home (virtually anyway) showed us around her floor to ceiling library of an office and talked about her latest novel, It Happened at the Fair.

She spoke about Della’s lip reading and Cullen’s loss of hearing – putting it in to the context of the time. As she discussed the reason for sign language being rather taboo, I got to thinking how different it would be to live in a time where society as a whole believed that in order to be united, we all had to be the same. The deaf couldn’t use sign language because it would set them apart from the rest… Would make them look and act differently. 

And then I thought… whew, aren’t I so thankful I don’t live in an era where uniformity is key. 

And then I thought… who am I kidding!!??

We may not ostracize the disabled (although I fear that happens too) and we may not scoff at language spoken with hands (I think it’s really quite beautiful, actually) but we STILL live in a world where blending in, stepping in line, following the leader is more socially acceptable than standing up and standing out.

How sad, really, that we think we’ve come so far and yet we’ve failed to make much progress in the department of calling unity by other names like: conformity, uniformity, same.

We’re not called to be the same – exact replicas of Suzy church-goer or Sally sunshine… the Lord has made us each in His own way.

I’m not always a ray of sunshine and I’m definitely not an eternal optimist – I’m not saying I shouldn’t work on being cheerful or finding the blessings in the small things – but I am saying that I shouldn’t be looking at my life through a lens of “I wish I was…”

The goal, if I set aside all of the “I’d like to be’s…” and “I should work on’s…”, should always be Jesus.

Yes, JESUS. Do I look more like Jesus today than I did yesterday?

Forget playing follow the leader with my neighbors, my mind should be set on following HIM.

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