Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Yesterday consisted of a rather large headache, some serious netflix watching (have I mentioned we don't have cable???) and an all-in-one-sitting book.

I came across Blue Like Jazz years ago in book form and, quite honestly, had since forgotten most of it. As a quick refresher, I thought that watching the newly released film might be fun... and then, I was so interested I re-read the book. Yesterday.

I seem to remember the book, when first written, was rather controversial. And, to some degree, I understand why. I also found it refreshing and funny and somewhat melancholy, which suited my day just fine.

Donald Miller definitely shoots from the hip in his memoir-like telling of childhood dreams and adult adventures. His inventive definition of the human condition as self-addicted is rather spot on and his ramblings on community are quite brilliant.
But, by far, my favorite takeaway was this:

"God's love will never change us if we don't accept it."

So simple. So relevant.

His love is great and wide and deep and high... cling to it, claim it, relish it. Be changed by it.

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