Monday, June 3, 2013

Gone West

It’s no secret that I love Boston. And a good trip to the city has a sort of bustling whimsy. Sometimes the ringing click, clack, click, clack of high heels on a polished office floor makes me feel like I’ve finally got it all together.

But really, I’m a farmgril at heart. I gladly trade those brick lined streets for rolling hills and the click clack of tailored pumps for my worn out leather riding boots.

Let’s blame my Father. He’d like that…

So, this week… I’m thinking West… which I’m just now realizing is a bit ironic, actually, since the blog is titled WEST of Newbury Street

1. I’m  crushing on this denim style… so beautiful. Check out the full Denim Story from VOGUE: TheAmerican Way

"This isn’t hipster denim by a country mile—git along, skinny jeans. Think Georgia O’Keeffe. Think circle skirts, higher waists, and Navajo jewelry."
shirt: rag & bone // skirt: Oscar de la Renta

2. This Asparagus and Red Pepper Frittata looks delish… And that cast iron skillet reminds me of cooking with my grandmother. Love!

3. I’ve been dreaming [ha!] of this Cowgirl Chic bedding for weeks… so cozy! Unfortunately, I can't find the original link... I see some serious "googling" in my future :)

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