Monday, June 24, 2013

Hungry Girl: Final Notes

After a week of Hungry Girl recipes and days of looking through all the many options I have yet to cook, here are my thoughts…

1. This book is definitely geared toward the busy woman… meals are quick and simple, ingredients are no fuss and directions are to the point. Which, as I general rule, I like in a cookbook.

2. I am excited to use these recipes as a base for new meals. I can definitely get stuck in a rut.

3. My husband was, overall, pleased with the meals I made from the Hungry Girl cookbook. Which I’m glad for – cooking for a picky eater can be time consuming, and Lisa’s recipes certainly weren’t.

4. Lisa’s inspiration definitely comes from a low-fat, low-calorie perspective. Which I normally agree with, but I had a hard time with the translation of ingredients at times.

Shall I elaborate??? In my personal opinion, a low calorie no sugar packaged whatchamahuzit isn’t any more nutritionally beneficial than a full calorie full sugar packaged whosamacallit… I strongly believe that choosing calories that come from a whole foods, well rounded diet, in moderation will trump a “slim fast” any day.

That said, I, like anyone else have just as much trouble choosing strawberries over oreos. Speaking of which, strawberries over oreos sounds good – maybe throw in a little whipped cream??? (oh boy!)

5. Please keep in mind… while I did make a sampling of the recipes from the Hungry Girl cookbook, I did not come close to cooking everything. Some recipes are certainly more balanced than others. Some quicker. Some have more veggies. Some are smothered in cheese and others are lightly doused in extra virgin olive oil. Browse through a copy and decide for yourself.

Well, that’s all for the Hungry Girl cookbook.
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