Friday, July 19, 2013


Can we get real for just a second?

I just made the most delicious brownies… out of A BOX. And yes, I used the dreaded vegetable oil, too!

I know. I know. I must have to shut down my blog now since the girl-blogger-code clearly states that brownies must be baked from scratch with self-churched butter, fresh laid eggs, hand ground flour and self-fermented vanilla and then meticulously photographed to make your mouth water.

Seriously now, are you kidding me?
I started mixing the brownies before I’d even decided what to make for dinner.
And, as I sit here typing this I’m licking the bowl… really!

All that to say – we portray our best selves, don’t we? Facebook shouts our self-promotions, pinterest paints our personality without saying a single word and blogging is such an easy mask to hide behind – talk all you want about Jesus, if you’re not acting like Him, I’m not interested.

So, can we take down the brave faces and the perfectly matched clothes, the armor, the façade?

What would it look like if we, as women, took off the masks of got-it-all-together and let our hearts shine?

“…so the choice a woman makes is not to conjure beauty [or confidence or popularity or clout], but to let her defenses down. To choose to set aside her normal means of survival and just let her heart show up. Beauty comes with it…”  - Stasi Eldredge

Beauty. Yes, I think that’d be Beautiful indeed.

photo credit: mark sebastian via photopin cc

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