Wednesday, August 21, 2013

An Audience of One

I heard snippets of an interview this morning with KirkCameron where he, primarily, addressed his thoughts on marriage and relationship. Fireproof is up there on the list of movies the hubby and I like to watch together, but I have to say I didn’t really know much about Kirk Cameron and his faith journey.
So, off to google I went…

Check out Kirk’s testimony (in his own words) THEN, wait for the last few moments when he unassumingly drops the words “as a Christian, my responsibility is to live for an audience of one…” into the converstion.

I’m certain I’ve heard something similar before. Many times, probably. But, in complete transparency, this is something I have to remind myself on an (almost) daily basis.

As women, I think we have a difficult time with fitting in, keeping up, and saving face

The more I know God and what he thinks and says, the less it matters whether others are impressed with me.
It’s almost unexplainable, the sense of satiation and completeness that invade the heart when our eyes are fixed on the cross. At the cross of Christ, God declares not only that we are forgiven, but that we are family. He calls us children, beloved children. There is a tenderness and enduring love that characterizes our Father God.
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