Monday, August 12, 2013

Welcome to Last Chance by Cathleen Armstrong: A Book Review

Welcome to Last Chance

Running from a past she wants no part of, Lainie Davis finds herself stranded in Last Chance, New Mexico. Not exactly the final destination she had in mind, but the small town hospitality of ranchers and farmers has Lainie second guessing her plans to leave. As weeks go by, Lainie just may have escaped the life she was running from. But, she can’t quite shake the grasps of her old life when an unexpected package at the bottom of her knapsack is discovered. And Nick, boyfriend from that old life, wants it back. When news that Nick is locked up for good reaches her, she settles in to life in Last Chance finding friendship and romance along the way,
A job at the local diner keeps her days full and, catching the eye of heartthrob Ray fills heart with high hopes. But, the more Lainie sets down roots in Last Chance, the more she vainly tries to protect her heart. As she struggles to guard her heart from the hurt she’s so used to finding, Lainie must learn to trust her new Last Chance family - as they may have become her only chance.

Ms. Armstrong has a good start to “A Place to Call Home” with Lainie Davis and Last Chance. It is the people of Last Chance that make her story shine. Fayette, owner of the local diner, has every ounce of home-style charm a girl could as for. Ray, artist turned bartender, keeps the romantic plot moving along. And his Grandmother, bless her, has the kind of humor and wisdom that makes you want to curl up with a cup of cocoa and listen for hours.

The storyline is one we’ve heard before – girl on the run, past catching up with her. I did find it a bit challenging to stick with as I was kept waiting for the clash of her old life and new life to happen, and was kept waiting for a while.

There seem to be plenty of loose ends to tie up as the book ended a bit abruptly but this is Book 1 of the series and these characters definitely have staying power. I’m looking forward to what Cathleen Armstrong brings us next.

***With thanks to Revell Books for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion. And, to Radiant Lit who made it possible!

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