From a very early age, I have been enamored by the city of Boston. At seven years, I’d never stepped foot on the east coast, not seen even a picture of the fair city. But not a moment passed when I didn’t think it a wonderful place. Years later, as I sat in a blue checkered airplane seat, table tray clip positioned just so, eyes fixed out the window to the sights below… my beloved Boston came in to view.
 I could see myself strolling along its peaceful streets, nibbling from a nearby bagel cart and finding the perfect shady spot beneath a sprawling tree to settle in with a good book. 

 Pretty high expectations for the unsuspecting city, but Boston did not disappoint…Scrumptious sandwich shops and streetside vendors, glistening water’s edge and open air markets, ambling clock towers and paths of brick.

And just West of Newbury Street, the loveliest brownstones, all neatly in a row… I’d found my little place in the world – where days were sunny and the cool of evening crept slowly by.

And so a bit of my heart has always stayed in Boston, tucked on an iron park bench –book in one hand and a positively delightful hazelnut hot cocoa steaming in the other. Nowadays, though, I find myself thinking of Boston and it’s Brownstones quite a great ways West of Newbury Street, and its feelings of peace and warm sunshine have become a kind of parallel for me…

Far past the natural “stuff” that leaves me wanting, lies the truthful things, the things that mold and shape me… the things of my Jesus and His perfect plans. The Lord has me in this time of waiting, of not knowing, of actively (and repetitively) placing (and sometimes re-placing when I’ve tried my own way) my hope in His very capable hands. And it is here that I see myself continuously changed and transformed into the woman I long to be, the woman He’s made me to be.

Some days I look at life and wonder, how did I get here when I’d thought I’d set my courses to end up over there. But the Lord is faithful, His mercies are new, His love is unending. I’m more than just shy of complete, of being completely the woman I am called to be, and so here too, I find myself slightly West of Newbury Street (if you’ll allow me to make the comparison) but every so joyfully looking forward to His perfect plan. 

 One day I will have my Newbury Street – sure, it may sound something more like “Main Street” or “Shady Lane” or even “Rosewood Circle” but I’m waiting on it… waiting on those white window panes and the shady oak, the sleepy backyard swing and window boxes – yellow daisies blooming. And while the Lord’s work will never be quite done in me, I hope I find myself more and more looking like the woman He has created and continues to create me to be. 

 For now, you can find me sharing my {hopeFULL} thoughts and joys along the journey here, at West Of Newbury Street, most likely curled up in my favorite chair, toes tucked beneath Grandma’s love-stiched-in quilt…
I desire and pray that the words you find on these pages become a blessing, that you find snippets of happiness and pieces of sunshine tucked within my lines of spilled ideas and favorite books and comfort food recipes and the various smatterings that I’m sure will collect here.

So grab some cocoa {or lemonade if the weather requires it} and your favorite reading chair {unless of course the sun is shining, in which case I recommend the dappled shade of the front porch rocker}and join me in this journey – I hope you’ll share your thoughts and joys along the way too.

Thanks for stopping by!

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